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>> Also, drawing the architectural drawings for a skyscraper is also like
>> only
>> 10% of the work, but it's a damn important 10%.
> Wow, that's rather insulting to the amazing work Dmitry, Nikita, Xinchen
> and others are doing working on the core of PHP.

No insult was intended here. I apologize if any is taken.

> Describing the syntax/UI for a feature like this is nothing like the
> architectural drawings for a skyscraper.

In terms of time and effort spent it is. It often takes years to complete
plans drawn up over the span of weeks. The analogy becomes more firm when
you compare the man hours on each side - an architect can draw up plans for
a house in less than 100 hours (unless it's a freaking huge house). The
contractor labor hours will be 100 times that at a minimum. If anything I'm
off in scales, but I was being anecdotal - I wasn't aiming for precise

Plans still must precede work, and if the ramifications of those plans are
to be far reaching they need to be agreed upon as early as possible.

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