2018-02-12 15:38 GMT+01:00 Eli White <e...@eliw.com>:
> I'll chime in on the "What evidence do you have that this is not
> widely-used" ... in fact, I have seen through my PHP career this used very
> regularly, and training/workshop/class sessions at conferences still
> regularly teach this as the 'standard way' to handle shell commands.
> So I think that this would have a huge impact on existing code, and I am
> similarly a huge -1.  Is it funky that random backticks cause a shell
> action to happen?  Yes.  But there are a million funky things about PHP,
> and we strive for backward compatibility when at all possible.  And there
> is no direct gain/need to remove this feature.
> Eli

Same thoughts here, -1 on deprecation. I prefer to use backticks over
shell_exec() when writing code that does something simple.


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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