On 2/12/18 10:26 AM, Wes wrote:
> There is not much to say. You either agree with it or you don't. And I

That's not how consensus discussion process in RFCs should work. It's
not just throwing your opinion over the fence, because the response
would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWdd6_ZxX8c . And don't get me
wrong, having an opinion, including one different from any other people
in the community, is completely fine. But: if you want to introduce a
major change into a 20-year-old stable project, it can't be just
somebody's opinion. It should be much more than that. And to make it
much more than that there should be good argument why we need to do this
change and why doing this change is so much better than not doing it
that we have to spend time on it, bearing the migration costs of it,
dealing with updating code and documentation, etc. It may be obvious to
you, but explaining it to everyone else - sometimes repeatedly, and
dealing with objections properly - not just saying "ok, that's my
opinion, you either agree or don't" - is part of the work on the RFC
that needs to be done.

If the idea is not ready for this work, it's fine to have pre-RFC
discussion - on the list or on any other venue - to shape it out, gather
the ideas and support, figure out major possible objections and ways to
address them, etc. Or just put the idea on the list and see if anybody
else agrees, that sometimes happens too.

Stas Malyshev

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