On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 8:38 AM, Eli White <e...@eliw.com> wrote:

> I'll chime in on the "What evidence do you have that this is not
> widely-used" ... in fact, I have seen through my PHP career this used very
> regularly, and training/workshop/class sessions at conferences still
> regularly teach this as the 'standard way' to handle shell commands.
> So I think that this would have a huge impact on existing code, and I am
> similarly a huge -1.  Is it funky that random backticks cause a shell
> action to happen?  Yes.  But there are a million funky things about PHP,
> and we strive for backward compatibility when at all possible.  And there
> is no direct gain/need to remove this feature.
> Eli
Agreed. There are a lot of things in PHP that are easily overlooked and can
go unused, especially if all one ever does with it is web page generation.
PHP can be used for shell scripting, and I've used it extensively for that
since I don't know how to write bash scripts. I'd personally be rather
peeved if I had to rewrite all my shell scripts.

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