>    I'm afraid this might be misused.  It's too easy to update the year
>    number, without actually doing *any* real maintenance work (“I'll come
>    back to that later” …).  Some automated process would be nice, but
>    manually checking the bug tracker for maintenance work (particularly
>    wrt. security issues), and/or the commit log seems to be okay for now.
> That sounds like you're looking for a technical solution to an
> organisational / social problem: if someone lists themselves as a
> maintainer, they are making a commitment to volunteer their effort. That
> commitment could be defined somewhere if it's not already, but it's
> never going to be an automatically measurable SLA.

I agree here. If somebody cares enough to update the number, and by that
commit to maintainership, this is already more than halfway towards the
solution. We can never force anyone to be an active maintainer, or to
allocate specific amount of time to fixing bugs or develop features, but
the problem now is that we don't even have anybody in any maintainership
capacity. We've had some people listed that haven't been active for
years, and just remain there by default. I think once we solve this
problem and have explicit commitment from maintainers, the question of
how to make this commitment turn into a real work will be much better
problem to have. We will still have to deal with it, obviously, but I
think we first have to even get there.
Stas Malyshev

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