On 2009-03-26, Tuomo Valkonen <tuo...@iki.fi> wrote:
> This is going to take some time. I, of course, can't even use the
> usual tools to convert from darcs to another format, because
> the non-deterministic windows-cygwin hybrid darcs does not even
> print dates etc. in a standard format, so parsers fail.

Another big project is writing a non-Haskell (read: Lua)
implementation of lua-xgettext. Fuck GHC and its unportability.
Help appreciated.

In 1995, Linux was almost a bicycle; an alternative way of live to the
Windows petrol beasts that had to be taken to the dealer for service.
By 2008, Linux has bloated into a gas-guzzler, and local vendors and
artisans have had to yield to "all under one roof" big box hypermarkets.

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