> If only Apple wasn't so blur-fascist, and had 4:3 laptops with a nipple...
And non-glossy screens for all configurations, not just for > 2000€ ones.

 Although, I did try the _huge_ touchpad on one of the newer
> Apple laptops recently, and it was far better than most I've come
> across: no need to be skating back and forth, actually quite comfortable

And the "slide with two fingers scrolls whatever content you have" is
incredibly handy. Luckily this is being copied to more and more
computers (netbooks).
The rest is mostly candy for demoes, but the zoom and rotate features
are cool and handy for the visual stuff.

> to move the cursor with it. But, still, it's in the way of typing --
> can't rest your thumbs anywhere

I'm testing this right now. That's not really a problem to keep your
thumbs on the trackpad, even with the "tap-mode" activated. If they
move a little, your mouse will flicker (thak God, it disappears when
you're typing), but that's not really a big deal.

The most painful is Window Management (missing ion so much) and that
"Spaces" multi-desktop thing not well integrated, especially
overriding some keyboard bindings (which are "customisable with
limited choices", all of them not satisfying).

You may find yourself disappointed at their quite-non-standard
keyboard layout and some other inconsistencies, but they're less

Apparently there are some external tools but they tend to break things
more than they solve problems.

Sylvain Abélard
"J’ai décidé d’être heureux, c’est meilleur pour la santé." -Voltaire

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