Hi Mats,


I just took pen and started going through all emails for this topic. As you 
mentioned, different things have been presented in form of opinion. Hence 
linking them is difficult.

Before I move ahead with creating a new chapter in Wiki (which is anyway messed 
up due to adhoc additions), I would like to hear specifically from API 
maintainer Dave Thaler if his API guideline chapter can help in this case?





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On 03/08/2018 01:05 AM, Dwarkaprasad Dayama wrote:

> Just wanted to bring this thread back to life.

> Can we document such information in Wiki? There are more folks asking 

> same question.


> I can also volunteer if required.




why don't you drop in  what you found relevant from this thread (seems like we 
talked about a few different things), and let us know the wiki page so others 
can chip in.  I'm off on a computer-free trip today so I'm not able to 
volunteer at this time. Don't feel like doing a lot of typing on a phone.




if part of this is "build outside of the iotivity tree" we do need to get more 
organized on what that would look like.  I didn't get a chance to look at 
Phil's efforts yet.  (e.g. - when iotivity headers are "installed" to a common 
location, should they be in one flat location, so code does "#include 
<iotivity/foo.h>", or should they maintain the heirarchy that is currently 
created under out/*/deploy, namely resource and subdirectories, c_common, 
service subdirectories.





-- mats


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