On 2016-05-30, 08:31 GMT, Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> But it is far from modern too...
> There are some changes I would like to introduce in the near future and
> I would like to hear your thoughts about:

I completely agree with these comments:

1. It would be probably wise to maintain stable jabberd2 branch 
   as long as the new jabberd2 (or dare I say jabberd3?) is 
   being developed. One of the nice things about jabberd2 is 
   that it is rather stable, so I would prefer if we still have 
   some enteprise-production-stable version of jabberd2 until 
   the jabberd3 gets to the same level of stability/maturity.

2. I really like the idea of JavaScript plugins/components, but 
   I agree with other commenter that it should be made optional 
   (or even it could be XEP-0114 external components itself?).  
   Also, I would love if this functionality was in addition not 
   as a replacement of XEP-0114 external components.

3. I guess you know 
   by heart, don't you? When doing large changes in the 
   codebase, it would be probably prudent to take those 
   objections into considertaion, especially database 
   transaction “abuse”.



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