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> Agree (web). [...] Its will be good for those who want it 
> but not in jabberd2 code inside.

I like how Cherokee web server does this:
It has a separate (written in Python) application for Web-based
configuration, which is started on-demand only for the time of the
configuration, listens on http://localhost:8090/ and is accessible with
one-time, generated password written to the console that started it.

Nevertheless this will require changes in how jabberd2 configuration is
handled, as the current state does not allow for runtime changes
without restarting the daemon.

The other approach is to allow restarting the daemon without loosing
user connections and sessions. But this could be even messier.

P.S. I usually start cherokee-admin via SSH and access it via ssh-
tunnel proxying remote machine localhost:8090 to my local machine
localhost:8090 :-)

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