I’m currently working on project which has the following scenario:

  1.  I have entities in DB on which I would like to prevent duplicates by same 
name or near match, for example, SalesOrder or SlsOrd or SalesOrd etc…are all 
considered same. For this, I would like to use fuzzy search and return only 
entities depending on a matching criterion (say, return entities with match 
  2.  How do I approach this use case? Should I create one index (IndexWriter 
with RAMDirectory?) for the entire application and keep updating the index (in 
the background as a separate micro service) and whenever, a new entity is 
created or updated or removed (I need real time updates, can’t wait for bulk 
updates on index) update the index as well?
  3.  I can then use the index created above as lookup when a user tries to 
create a new entity and generate error or warning message.

If the 2nd point above is fine, then is there any general guideline or example 
that I can follow for creating a global index for the application? Also, is 
there any guideline for using Lucene with Database.

Appreciate your help!!!

Thank you and Regards,

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