I am not aware of any lucene integration with rdbms but I don't think it
would be very usefull, what do you mean with "guideline for using Lucene
with Database"?.

Sometimes it makes sense a database integration with lucene (for example
Neo4J and OrientDB use lucene as one of their indexing engine), but it
depends on the specific vendor. Depending on your database, please check if
it already has some kind of fuzzy search (for example recent version of
Postgres has fuzzy search:

If you decide to use lucene for your use case I don't think RAMDirectory
would be the best choice, since it's intended for testing purposes only.
The FSDirectory should be efficient enough for your (and many other) use
cases. The second point seems ok to me, if entity types are not very
dynamic you can obtain good performance creating an index for each one.

2017-12-21 12:48 GMT+01:00 Kumar, Santosh <santosh.kuma...@sap.com>:

> Hi,
> I’m currently working on project which has the following scenario:
>   1.  I have entities in DB on which I would like to prevent duplicates by
> same name or near match, for example, SalesOrder or SlsOrd or SalesOrd
> etc…are all considered same. For this, I would like to use fuzzy search and
> return only entities depending on a matching criterion (say, return
> entities with match >=60%).
>   2.  How do I approach this use case? Should I create one index
> (IndexWriter with RAMDirectory?) for the entire application and keep
> updating the index (in the background as a separate micro service) and
> whenever, a new entity is created or updated or removed (I need real time
> updates, can’t wait for bulk updates on index) update the index as well?
>   3.  I can then use the index created above as lookup when a user tries
> to create a new entity and generate error or warning message.
> If the 2nd point above is fine, then is there any general guideline or
> example that I can follow for creating a global index for the application?
> Also, is there any guideline for using Lucene with Database.
> Appreciate your help!!!
> Thank you and Regards,
> Santosh

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