Basically, I need indexing only for fuzzy search on entities. So, I’m thinking 
to create Index out of DB tables (for the search term) and store it on server 
(cloud foundry, yet to figure out how to achieve this). Now whenever, a user 
creates/updates/deletes any entity(es), I would like to perform real time 
update on the index as well. This is mandatory and helps in preventing 
duplicate entities based on fuzzy search (for ex: slsOrd, SalesOrder etc… are 
considered same).

Thank you for pointing at Solr will give it a try as well.

On 28/12/17, 1:22 PM, "Riccardo Tasso" <> wrote:

    2017-12-28 6:35 GMT+01:00 Kumar, Santosh <>:
    > While looking up for examples of fuzzy search with Lucene, I came across
    > examples that demonstrate Lucene with file system predominantly, so was
    > wondering if there are any samples on ‘How to use Lucene with DB’ or if 
    > Java logic remains same for Filesystem or DB (really sorry I am new to
    > Lucene). Any differences or things to consider when the data source are
    > different?
    If we are speaking of indexing documents from db or from filesystem, it is
    the same thing.
    If you are thinking about a database for storing lucene data structure,
    instead of filesystem which is the default option, I will discourage you.
    The filesystem storage is the one officially supported.
    Since it's your first time with lucene, have you considered something like
    Solr or Elasticsearch, which offers you more functionalities without the
    need of implementing them?

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