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By the way, a search on Google for "JAWS screen shade" would have returned
this information straight away in the first search result.

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Hi all, I am running windows 10, Jaws 2018 on an Acer laptop. I went to show
something I was working on to my mum the other day, but she couldn't see
anything on the screen. My brother had a look at it tonight while I was out
and said it doesn't look like a hardware issue it looks more likely a
software issue. When mum told me this I remembered the Jaws screen shade. I
don't recall turning it on and I have no idea how to find out if it is on or
not. I have spent some time in the different menu options tonight but can't
find any reference to it. Could someone please tell me how this is turned on
and off so I can see if this is the problem.


I am thinking more and more this could be the problem since this is a
brand-new laptop so there shouldn't be any hardware issues. If it isn't
Jaws, then I will have to contact Acer helpdesk and see what they suggest. 


Thanks for any help.

>From Shaz.


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