What, Am I still on this list?  I thought I unsubscribed years ago. 

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Obviously I know how to bring people out of the woodwork so to speak.

I just wanted to make sure that there was still an interest moving forward. 
I kind of thought there was but it does not hurt to confirm such things. 
Folks as much to my team and the fact that things have been so smooth on
here for quite some time is why we are cruzing along starting our twelfth
year next week. I don't believe it even as I type these words.

The vast majority of you actually have no idea how much has gone on in the
background with all of us over time.

It is just that we work so well together things plow on. All of us have had
medical issues and a couple of us have had shoulder surgery, rotator cuff to
be exact. Last year my wife had a new heart valve installed and I was off
the list for almost 8 weeks taking care of her. The guys did a great job
because I would have been no help at all during that time. There were days
that the only thing I did with this system was shut it off and nothing else
at all. I'm not telling you this to garner sympathy or anything like that,
rather to let you folks know that I work with the best couple of guys
available. FYI don't tell Bob I said that, his ego is already the size of
the grand canyon.

Just kidding Bob, he is really a humble guy or so I'm told.

So far as being blocked out what is really happening is that some services
are blocking messages from this domain from being delivered to their
customers and eventually Mailman removes them for bouncing messages. They
are able to post messages, it is just they can't receive which is a major
annoyance to say the least.

I'm convinced that interest still rains supreme, thank you all for
confirming that fact.

David Ferrin
You don't have to be crazy to run a list like this, but it does help. 

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