> On 4. Apr 2018, at 21:20, Oleg Nenashev <o.v.nenas...@gmail.com> wrote:
>       • We enable the new logging format in Essentials + immediately get 
> benefit from it (e.g. via Logstash/fluentd)
>       • We offer a feature flag in standard Jenkins. Start from opt-in, then 
> maybe opt-out at some point
>       • For installations passing through the installation wizard, we enable 
> the feature by default (like we do with security defaults now)

I'm conflicted about these. On the surface, this provides a compelling path 
forward with everyone getting what they want. However,

1. If we plan to allow opt-out in the end anyway, why start with opt-in? It's 
not a new subsystem that needs to be proven first. Good defaults are important, 
and letting those in the know who care deeply enable it for themselves might 
just delay the general implementation (perhaps indefinitely).
2. For this to be a setup wizard type distinction, it almost certainly needs to 
be promoted to a UI option (I think it would be the first wizard setting to not 
have one). I'm not positive this is a good idea.

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