Hi Mark, 

Thank for for your reply and help.  I tried the public repo and I was able
to download just find.  So it does look like it is the credentials.  My
environment block ssh incoming and out going so I can't use ssh as a way to
access the private repo.

I am currently using username and password in the configuration.  That seems
to not be working here.  Any clues?  Is there a pluggin I am not using
correctly?  I have a Centos machine that was previously setup on a Jenkin
that works have these differences.

I am seeing this in the console output, "using GIT_ASKPASS to set
credentials", while the Centos one we have this, "using .gitcredentials to
set credentials"

I was searching the net and saw documentation on GIT_ASKPASS require input
from users, could it be timing out because it is not passing the data to the

How can I setup my Jenkins to use .gitcredentials instead of GIT_ASKPASS?

Thanks again for any help.

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