What does being sysadmin entail at this point?  Putting aside the
existing Confluence setup (it's easy to do again, right?), I see this:

* Obtain account w/Rimu
* set up mailing lists, migrate accounts
* migrate website
* migrate email accounts (is this needed? who else has one besides
you, warner?  I'd rather not be in the business of hosting people's
email accounts if we can avoid it - and we can always set up
forwarding for any existing accounts)
* switch DNS
* what else????

If this is it for now, I'll volunteer for it, then we can work out in
the future who wants to help with additional stuff we don't already
have, as well as admin privileges.

I agree on waiting until Feb to make the final decision, but I'd
rather get a tentative plan hashed out now before we meet, so we can
avoid spending a lot of time discussing details.

-- Chad

On 1/31/06, Warner Onstine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So, is someone actually volunteering to be the sysadmin for this
> environment? Until we have at least that I wouldn't move forward.
> Additionally, I would say let's at least wait until Feb's meeting to
> make a decision on this.
> -warner

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