I see quite a few PRs that are being reviewed in GitHub and not ReviewBoard. I 
really don't care where we do them, but can we please pick a direction and move 
forward? And until then, can we stick to our previous decision and use RB? With 
people using both it's much more difficult to tell what's been reviewed and 
what hasn't.


Nate Finch <nate.fi...@canonical.com> writes:

> In case you missed it, Github rolled out a new review process. It
> basically works just like reviewboard does, where you start a review,
> batch up comments, then post the review as a whole, so you don't just
> write a bunch of disconnected comments (and get one email per review,
> not per comment). The only features reviewboard has is the edge case
> stuff that we rarely use: like using rbt to post a review from a
> random diff that is not connected directly to a github PR. I think
> that is easy enough to give up in order to get the benefit of not
> needing an entirely separate system to handle reviews. 
> I made a little test review on one PR here, and the UX was almost
> exactly like working in reviewboard:
> https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/6234
> There may be important edge cases I'm missing, but I think it's worth
> looking into.
> -Nate

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