K9 Mail was working fine on my Android 7 Samsung S7, no issues with sync, 
even during night.

On the new Samsung S9 with Android 8 the same K9 settings and Android 
settings (no sleep mode for K9, always fully up and running, etc) it does 
not sync mails anymore. After one POP pull the message "Disabled Sync" 
appears. The app only starts to pull mails when you cahnge the connection 
from Wifi to LTE and back, the whole time it is disabled and can't sync. As 
said the identical settings on the Samsung S7 work like a charm - on the S9 
the app is unuseable.

I installed Aquamail to test and there AquaMail has no issues as all. 
Currently I use AquaMail to get notified about a mail and then manually 
sync in K9 to get it and answer there.

But this can't be the solution. If the issue in K9 won't get fixed soon 
people will stop using it (since I'm not the only one having these issues 
on the new phones).

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