On donderdag 4 juli 2019 19:02:10 CEST Nate Graham wrote:
> On 7/4/19 10:39 AM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > Is it really true that gitlab makes reporting bugs easier for our users? 
> > I.e., does it offer easier login, an easier way to add screen shots and 
> > screen recordings or crash logs?
> In my experience, yes. Being able to use a single account for everything 
> is a big benefit

But is that also true for users? If someone uses a KDE application and wants to 
report a bug for the first time, which is easier? Making a bugzilla account, or 
making a KDE identity account and using that for gitlab?

> . And being able to add multiple images and files inline 
> via drag-and-drop is a huge improvement over Bugzilla IMO. Then again if 
> Bugzilla 6 offers this, that will remove one advantage of GitLab issues.

Yes... So I don't think that is all that urgent. 

> > Is it really true that gitlab makes it easier for our users to make reports 
> > of a better quality? Like, better wizards, forms, support for smarter 
> > templates, more ways to cross-check a bug report with other bug reports, or 
> > cross-check the internal consistency? Is it easier for a user reporting a 
> > bug on gitlab to tell us which OS, version of OS, version of the 
> > application they are using?
> > 
> > Does gitlab offer convenience features for our users like replying by 
> > email? (I know that some people think email is on the way out, but in real 
> > life, everyone has email -- and if it were going out -- is there 
> > integration with instant messaging?) Does gitlab make it easier to be 
> > notified of events related to the issue?
> I'm not sure about these.

Well, those are important questions :-)

> > We all know that gitlab has a rich text editor. This is modern, but how 
> > important is that, actually? And how important is it to have a rich text 
> > editor in our issue reporting system right now? Are we experience a decline 
> > in the number of user reports because more and more people don't want to 
> > use bugzilla?
> > 
> Anecdotally, yes. I very commonly hear users on social media write and 
> say things like "I don't file KDE bugs anymore because Bugzilla is 
> ancient and incomprehensible". Though to be fair, they also commonly say 
> that it's because we don't do a good enough job triaging bugs, or that 
> KDE developers are too mean and abrasive when dealing with users, so 
> take it with a grain of salt.

Given that I'm inundated with bug reports for Krita, I'll subscribe to that 
grain of salt -- I just don't believe that people who haven't got any KDE login 
anyway, for people who just use an application, experience a crash and then 
want to report a bug are and then arrive at bugs.kde.org decide to not report 
the bug because the they cannot login with the KDE identity they don't have 
yet. I don't believe that my users get confused even if they have a KDE 
Identity (for the forum, and KDE Identity is the biggest problem we have with 
the forum, before search, threading, email) -- most people who actually report 
bugs seem to accept this.

And just imagine being a non-technical user who has to find their to reporting 
a bug on a KDE project, who starts at https://invent.kde.org/public/ -- there's 
no help at all!

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