Nate Graham kirjoitti 4.7.2019 klo 20.02:
On 7/4/19 10:39 AM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
Is it really true that gitlab makes reporting bugs easier for our users? I.e., does it offer easier login, an easier way to add screen shots and screen recordings or crash logs?

In my experience, yes. Being able to use a single account for everything is a big benefit. And being able to add multiple images and files inline via drag-and-drop is a huge improvement over Bugzilla IMO. Then again if Bugzilla 6 offers this, that will remove one advantage of GitLab issues.

Drag'n'drop & multi-upload is planned for BZ 7:

It would be cool, if entities like KDE e.V. and TDF could team up and sponsor BZ UX improvements so we'd get to BZ 7 & 8 goals faster. I'm not sure about the bureaucracy to make this happen, though.

BZ is also easier to extend under the hood now as it has started using Mojolicious framework. It will allow getting rid of the CGI dependency. Presentation about this:


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