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  Hm, seems like the width of the places panel is set in `kdeglobals` (and too 
small, BTW). After resetting this, without Sorting it's a +1 from my side (did 
not look at the code, though).
  As for Sorting: If a user does not click on the Configure button which then 
has "Sorting" in plain sight, why would he click on a Sorting icon? The problem 
is not that sorting is too hidden, but that users don't get the idea to 
actually click on any button in the toolbar. Moving sorting does not help at 
all with that.
  For the view modes it's different, because users recognize the icon from 
Dolphin. I'd just add the view modes, and IMO sorting in the Detailed View is a 
good enough compromise. We could think about making this mode the default, 
because the horizontal scrolling of Short View is kinda difficult to use anyway.

  R241 KIO


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