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  > The third step would be to look at Dolphin (where I think you should do a 
poll to gauge usage of what you describe as the "horrible" mode, an assessment 
which I'd agree with but maybe other don't… Also currently there is not much 
need in Dolphin to reduce the number of view mode icons in the toolbar, there 
is still enough space).
  Looked more into this, I don't think the third mode should be removed, and I 
don't think it's too bad to have 3 modes in Dolphin and 2 modes in the file 
dialog (the window sizes is different after all). Reason: In Dolphin all 3 
modes always are in a group: In the menu, and most importantly in the config 
dialog. This group of three modes should also be reflected in the toolbar, 
otherwise it could cause confusion.

  R241 KIO


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