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  In D12077#245758 <>, @rkflx wrote:
  > I know I already accepted this, but:
  > > moves the preview button over to the right so it doesn't compete with the 
new view mode and sorting buttons.
  > While you now could remove "sorting" from the summary, I wonder whether it 
would make sense to revisit moving Preview. How about this:
  > F5806931: kio-preview.png <>
  > After looking at your screenshot again, I'm not too fond of how Preview and 
Zoom Out relate to each other…
  > One more thing which came to mind after revisiting the dialog: Why not use 
Detailed Tree View instead? This way the buttons would act as a kind of 
simple/advanced switcher. Also, this is what Dolphin does, too!
  Good points!

  R241 KIO


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