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  This strikes me as likely to cause intense frustration. Consider the 
following dramatized dialogue between a user and the computer:
  User: "Neat, I just set up this KDE plasma thing. Let's start seeing what 
cool stuff it can do!"
  Computer: "Hey hey hey first what kind of KWallet do you want to create? 
Technical jargon thingy 1, or technical jargon thingy 2? Huh? Huh? What'll it 
be O noble user!?"
  User: "Okay, I have no idea, let me cancel out of this stupid thing..."
  Computer: "Don't worry I created a thing anyway and chose technical jargon 
thingy 1 for you!"
  Speaking personally, this sort of experience would make me want to put my 
fist through the screen.
  It might be worth stepping back and asking more higher-level questions like:
  "Why are users cancelling the wizard? Is it too technically intimidating?"
  "Should we even have a wizard at all? Maybe should we create a wallet 
automatically by default and let advanced users change its settings or delete 
it if they don't like it?"

  R311 KWallet


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