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  > This strikes me as likely to cause intense frustration. Consider the 
following dramatized dialogue between a user and the computer:
  > User: "Neat, I just set up this KDE plasma thing. Let's start seeing what 
cool stuff it can do!"
  >  Computer: "Hey hey hey first what kind of KWallet do you want to create? 
Technical jargon thingy 1, or technical jargon thingy 2? Huh? Huh? What'll it 
be O noble user!?"
  >  User: "Okay, I have no idea, let me cancel out of this stupid thing..."
  >  Computer: "Don't worry I created a thing anyway and chose technical jargon 
thingy 1 for you!"
  > Speaking personally, this sort of experience would make me want to put my 
fist through the screen.
  > It might be worth stepping back and asking more higher-level questions like:
  >  "Why are users cancelling the wizard? Is it too technically intimidating?"
  >  "Should we even have a wizard at all? Maybe should we create a wallet 
automatically by default and let advanced users change its settings or delete 
it if they don't like it?"
  What could you say about stuff that doesn't work without wallet but stubborn 
user always _refuses_ to create one?

  R311 KWallet


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