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  > What could you say about stuff that doesn't work without wallet but 
stubborn user always _refuses_ to create one?
  I would say that the computer should conform to the user's desires, not the 
other way around. :) Stuff that doesn't work with KWallet should be fixed. But 
the point would be moot if we create a default wallet in a more user-friendly 
  In D15240#320224 <>, @abetts wrote:
  > I can see this argument as very valuable. I have also been a little 
startled by setting this up when you first start using Plasma or create your 
first password. I have not seen this in other systems. I know also we care for 
security and transparency. Maybe we should reconsider the wizard and use a more 
automated approach. Thoughts?
  I would favor automatically creating a default wallet with the user's current 
password using a "good enough" cipher that we can hopefully all agree on. This 
would probably require changes to user-manager, or whatever it is that receives 
the string used for a new account's password. At the moment when a new user 
account is created, it would not only create the new user account, but it would 
also create a wallet using the same password.

  R311 KWallet


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