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  >> I can see this argument as very valuable. I have also been a little 
startled by setting this up when you first start using Plasma or create your 
first password. I have not seen this in other systems. I know also we care for 
security and transparency. Maybe we should reconsider the wizard and use a more 
automated approach. Thoughts?
  > I would favor automatically creating a default wallet with the user's 
current password using a "good enough" cipher that we can hopefully all agree 
on. This would probably require changes to user-manager, or whatever it is that 
receives the string used for a new account's password. At the moment when a new 
user account is created, it would not only create the new user account, but it 
would also create a wallet using the same password.
  Can't we use pam_kwallet to receive the password and automatically create the 
wallet when the user logs in for the first time?
  Of course, some caveats apply, passwordless login, smart cards, trivial 
password ...

  R311 KWallet


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