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  In D15739#356010 <>, @davidc wrote:
  > I do think changing the default label of `Root`'s mounted device would 
prevent the confusion of the one user who wanted it removed from Devices.
  Okay great, I will submit a patch to improve that too.
  > I think the most emotional respondents consider this change to be 
condescending. Painting `/` as "too dangerous" for the typical user
  Who did that? I didn't. In fact, it's the UI itself that currently portrays 
Root as dangerous by displaying it with a red icon. Red == dangerous in our 
design language. If anything, this change makes browsing / //less// dangerous. 
because it's no longer represented by an icon with a red color.
  > Removing the quick and easy Places link and relying on users to locate 
`Root` among their mounted physical devices gives the impression that we don't 
`/` to be easily accessible through Dolphin at all, even if people can't do 
anything once they get there.
  This argument doesn't make any sense to me. It's still there available via 
one click. I continue to fail to see how this change makes it not "easily 
accessible through Dolphin at all". You can literally get to / with a single 
click. Also, the Devices section only shows //internal// partitions so it's not 
like there will generally be 15 devices crowding the list. And the entire 
purpose of coming up with a new icon for the rood partition was to make it easy 
to pick out the root partition when there are multiple partitions in the list. 
That change was specifically requested as a precondition for doing this.
  > I'm also worried this could make things more confusing for truly novice 
users, who may not realize there is a directory structure beyond `Home` at all. 
This can create many problems when trying to understand what the system is 
doing, or when troubleshooting.
  "Truly novice users" don't have any desire to browse their computer's 
filesystem. The only people who are ever interested in that are technical 
experts, either actual or aspiring. I don't think this change will deter them 
in any way.

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