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  In D15739#356026 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D15739#356026>, @Codezela wrote:
  > maybe there is 2 alternatives
  > 1. remove the icon from devices section and keep it in places section with 
some icon change in the top one
  You mean hide the root partition from Devices and keep the Root Places 
bookmark? That's what I currently do. I hide my `/` and `/home` partitions and 
use Places to get to those directories.
  > 2. keep it in the places section but change the label to root or system and 
it will always be top of all other hd with the lock emblem in it and remove the 
places one and we need to make the icons little bigger in this  side bar what 
do you think or i come oo late
  This confuses me. You say to keep it in Places, but remove it from Places? 
Keep what above other hard drives?
  BTW, the sidebar icons do have adjustable sizes. Perhaps it should be easier 
to find, but if you right click in an area without something selectable (e.g., 
a section label), you can go to "Icon Size" and change the size to 16, 22, 32 
or 48 px.

  R241 KIO


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