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  > +1 it's an entry I always hide when I setup someone's computer
  > > you can still get to / on your machine in one click using the appropriate 
disk entry on the bottom of the Places panel.
  > Which I think shouldn't be there, but I'm too afraid of touching Solid's 
ignore rules ever again.
  You advocate for
  In D15739#356313 <>, @Codezela wrote:
  > In D15739#356310 <>, @ndavis wrote:
  > > In D15739#356309 <>, @Codezela 
  > >
  > > > i know that the icons size is adjustable i mean make the default more 
bigger first time u run dolphin this icons is so small "out of the box 
  > > >  the other thing  i mean we may keep the root partion icon on the 
devices sections and make it fixed position above all other mounted drives so 
even any hd mounted the root icons still top
  > > >  i hope i explain well
  > > >  sorry i know my English is not so good
  > >
  > >
  > > It's ok, I understand now. Those seem like good ideas.
  > sorry but i added some picture after
  > do u see this is my places section
  >  F6398445: Screenshot_20181108_203553.png 
  >  can u tell me where is my root
  >  and the phone icon is on top
  It will have a new icon as Nate linked to earlier.

  R241 KIO


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