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>> Hi,
>> December 7: Linux Voice review, Calligra included.
>> Kexi wins in the Databases category:
>> http://www.linuxvoice.com/group-test-office-suites
> Hmm, I'd hardly say it wins.  After saying that they weren't sure that
> the 'desktop database' is a good idea in general they said:-
> "This leaves graphical database tools with a very small target
> audience. Should you find yourself a member of this exclusive group,
> we’d recommend Kexi, but only marginally."

Yes, marginally. The margin related to (maybe) being able to run the
app without a Java runtime.

The exclusive group or RAD users is not small but severely distributed
so quite hard to reach. Misused spreadsheets for example are
competitors too. There's always room for IT projects without any
reasonable budget assigned.

PS: And I am unsure why would the LV claim there's no client-server
architecture in such RAD tools if all database engines (but SQLite)
have always been client-server. Maybe it's about the app and GUI on
the server side?


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