Jaroslaw Staniek <stan...@kde.org> wrote:
> The exclusive group or RAD users is not small but severely distributed
> so quite hard to reach. Misused spreadsheets for example are
> competitors too. There's always room for IT projects without any
> reasonable budget assigned.
Yes, that's my pet hate, people using spreadsheets for storing tables
of text information.  :-)

> PS: And I am unsure why would the LV claim there's no client-server
> architecture in such RAD tools if all database engines (but SQLite)
> have always been client-server. Maybe it's about the app and GUI on
> the server side?
A good, easy to use front-end (like Kexi may become or MS Access sort
of is) would encourage more use of databases.

I've been searching for a decent replacement for MS Access for ages
and still haven't found one.

My fundamental requirement is soemthing like Access' table view that
allows very simple creation and updating of a table.  I've yet to find

Chris Green

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