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>> > My fundamental requirement is soemthing like Access' table view that
>> > allows very simple creation and updating of a table.  I've yet to find
>> > anything.
>> Yes, sometimes I am looking into ways to make Kexi even simpler to
>> use, so if user wants it - it can be in the middle between a
>> spreadsheet and a db creation app. Ad-hoc creating table designs
>> (while entering the data) is one of the things, quite hard to
>> implement though. Interesting, after the idea came MSA (maybe 2003?)
>> added similar feature.
>> But before it's reality we probably need to get reliable alter-table
>> feature to work.
> My main reason for not persevering with Kexi (I did try it a while
> ago) is that it is effectively proprietary in the way it uses
> databases.  You really can't share data between Kexi and other
> applications.  I have, for example, a lot of sqlite3 databases created
> by a DokuWiki plugin.  I'd love to be able to access and use them with
> Kexi, but I can't.  I could import them into Kexi but then the
> Dokuwiki plugin could no longer access them.
> Simply by making kexi databases have the unique .kexi suffix I believe
> you are putting a lot of people off.  If one could at least *read* a
> Kexi database directly it would help.

Thanks for the notes Chris.

Agree here and this is planned as a major new feature of Kexi 3, and
has been discussed on the forum:

(Note, the Predicate component is now called KDb)

Features such as importing SQLite filed won't be needed then:

Of course 'importing' server databases can be especially frustrating.

>> What exact features of simple table creation do you mean?
> I want to be able to edit a table in place on a tabular form.  Table
> creation I am quite happy to do by other means, I just want simple,
> straightforward data entry the way that Access does it by default.
> Having created the table one is presented with a 'spreadsheet' form
> where existing data is displayed (scrolling if required) and I can
> edit existing entries directly and add new rows.  By default Access
> shows a 'new entry' blank line at the bottom of the table.
> Editing entries needs to be very straightforward, just click on a
> field and enter/delete text.  No pop-up forms, double-clicks or
> anything.

That's the way of Kexi, right? Especially the "new record" line.
Kexi: http://i.imgur.com/O1W6l4L.png

If I remember correctly there are no popups except one for asking
about removing record(s) which is better handled in Kexi I think
because there's a checkbox to dismiss the question for the future
cases. In Access you need to use VBA or separate design mode options
to disable the questions.

Feel free to explain what is exactly missing in the area of data
entry/editing as this is very important part of Kexi.

The only difference to Access is that Kexi is closer to spreadsheets
when editing a cell: you need to 2xclick or press F2 to edit existing
value. This difference is a result of observation that navigation and
copying/pasting of data is much easier.
Access (2016 and probably earlier ones) has a mix of both behaviours,
it auto-selects the cell's content like Kexi:

MSA: http://i.imgur.com/tCf2NVm.png

But also allows to precisely click the given text position. It's not a
problem to have it in Kexi at least optionally.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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