thanks alot Richard. I'll give that a try. Any problems, I'll let you know. 

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> > Does anyone know how to add colour to the 3d modules in Wings3D??? 
> > Specifically I want to add colour bands to the resistor 3d modules so that 
> > they match the value of the components I am using in my designs. For the 
> > other parts in my board, I have just added text to the 3d modules so that 
> > the value for each part is shown on the module, but for the resistors, I 
> > would like to be able to do it properly.
> It's actually pretty easy to do, once you know the magic words.
> First, you need to set the face colors you'll be using. On the main menu, 
> select Window | Outliner. That brings up a list of objects (that I've never 
> manipulated, so be careful there) and, at the very bottom, a list of 
> materials (by default, only "default").
> Hit the space bar to de-select any current selections (a different menu is 
> presented if there are active selections). Right-click in an empty space in 
> the drawing area (not the "outline" dropdown). Select "Material..." and you 
> should get a "New Material" dialog. Give the new material a name and click 
> okay.
> The next box that opens is where you set the colors. Most of the time, you 
> can set just the "diffuse" option. To get a color other than the default 
> gray, click on the rectangle next to the little slider and manipulate the RGB 
> and HSV sliders until you get what you want for that material.
> When you hit okay, the new material name is added to the "outliner" list. 
> Create any additional materials; you can go back later to add them, of 
> course. When finished, close the outliner.
> Now select some *faces* (not objects). If you want to apply a material to all 
> faces on an object, do the usual to select the object and then click the 
> "faces" icon up top. Materials can only be applied to faces, not objects, 
> edges, or vertices.
> Right click on an empty area and you should see ".Material." as one of the 
> options. Click that and you'll get a pop-up with the list of materials you 
> built earlier. Just select the one you want.
> Sounds like a lot of steps but it's not too awkward once you've gone through 
> it.

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