I suppose that is the most prudent thing to do Tomas. We do have a access
to a lawyer so I'll talk to her and let you know her thoughts!



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> El mié., 21 sept. 2016 a las 11:17, Kyle Hall (<kyle.m.h...@gmail.com>)
> escribió:
>> Yes, I've done as thorough a review on the issue as I've been able to.
>> Basically, Koha is never in any danger. But if say, *I* sued Facebook, I
>> could possibly lose my patent grants and wouldn't be able to distribute
>> software that uses React. Everyone else would continue on using Koha as
>> usual. Many very large companies with cadres of lawyers are using React, so
>> I don't think it is anything to worry too hard about.
> This is the kind of thing we need lawyers for. Do we have access to some?
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