For the longest time, I resisted getting listed on the PAID support
providers list because of personal reasons. But then I started running up
against RFPs that made listing there a mandatory qualification point for
placing a bid. Now that my outfit is there for quite some time, I can
honestly tell that not a *single* piece of work has landed from being
listed there. Sure there has been a few enquiries but that's the extent of

The time when Koha needed the visibility of local support has largely
passed, at least in India where Koha has emerged as the defacto choice. On
the other hand, Indian service providers on that list make up ~25% (or
more) of the global listing in number, yet the number of contributions,
including patches have probably been the least. Most are not even active in
the community.

So I do not consider deletion of the page to do anyone any major
disservice, since we can't do anything about false claims - yes, several of
the Indian providers listed make tall claims of community contribution and
show the listing as being the proof. Surprise!!! No one reads the
disclaimers! :D


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