Mashing some stuff up here, but I feel like we need a vote on this either 
over the listserv or at the next IRC General Sep 6.

Further, everyone who maintains the website do so as volunteers. Expecting
them to start acting as police is probably not the best of ideas. I know
for a fact that Liz stopped volunteering on the PAID provider section
maintenance as she was sick of dealing with it.


     I'm happy to serve as the gatekeeper for this page for a year.

     I'm not for a patch wall. Carrots, not sticks.

Basically, do we become bureaucrats OR do we write Koha?


     It doesn't have to be an either or decision. You choose to write code, 
which is great. When developers think "Oh yuck, I can be coding instead" 
Librarians should step up.

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