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>      Mashing some stuff up here, but I feel like we need a vote on this
either over the listserv or at the next IRC General Sep 6.


>      I'm not for a patch wall. Carrots, not sticks.

I'm afraid the metaphor "patch wall" escapes me. Can you pls elaborate?

>> Basically, do we become bureaucrats OR do we write Koha?
>      It doesn't have to be an either or decision. You choose to write
code, which is great. When developers think "Oh yuck, I can be coding
instead" Librarians should step up.

Not to nitpick, but I used "write" as a metaphor for all activities around
Koha, given that the written word is our primary tool - whether to answer
user queries, write a blog about a cool new feature, improve the wiki and
manual, discuss and decide new spec (e.g. the MARC framework debate we are
having on the devel list that needs inputs and approval from librarians
even more than from the devs) and finally of course there's writing the

A dev who simply says "Yuck! I could be coding instead" is IMHO a poor one
who has basically stopped listening to the users and the eco-system they
are in.


> Cheers,
> Brooke
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