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Subject: KR> Christmas flight

I went for a brief Christmas flight this morning and caught Santa still
making his rounds.  I blew the doors off his sleigh contraction and
really spooked the reindeer.  I betting he will join the net soon and
start building his own KR for next year. :-)  Let's not get on him for
asking any dumb questions.  We must be good little boys and girls.

Larry Flesner


That explains why the frazzled old elf was not so jolly and shook his fist at 
me as I blew by him while he was working his way SW from Larry's into Arkansas. 
 He yelled something to the effect of "Wait until next year".  I flew the KR 
from my new place in North Central AR to join my wife for Christmas dinner at 
the in-laws in the SW corner of AR.  Put 2.7 hrs on the KR and burned 15 
gallons of fuel, about the same as my wife will burn driving her Honda Civic 
there and back.  :o)

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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