Sorry, that was meant for Larry Flesner. We were kicking around somewhere we might fly some weekend, and I replied to the wrong email. Speaking of meeting KR folks, Robert Pesak, Mike Sylvester, and I flew into Andrews, NC to visit KRnetter Randy Bryant so he could try on a KR to see if it'd fit him. That was a real blast, with great BBQ lunch, and a small taste of interesting "mountain" flying (don't laugh, Jeff Scott). We need to do more of that kind of thing, but the cold and often windy weather is not the best time for it. My biggest fear is going down in the woods somewhere and freezing to death! I do carry some cold weather gear, but that's only good for so long. I know....if I were flying behind a Continental I wouldn't be nearly so concerned, but this is a VW, and I'm rightfully nervous....

Mark Langford

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