Ha!  If you can start it, it will fly.  It's a good idea to preheat below 20°, 
but you are good down to roughly -30 before the aluminum case shrinks enough 
for it to clamp the bearings onto the crank.  You start it without preheating 
then, you will trash the engine.  The real question is whether you have enough 
of a heater to keep from freezing to death during the flight.  I was plenty 
cold enough flying Christmas day.  I've got a heater, but not a good heater in 
the KR.  I'm usually good down to about 10°, but I'd want to be somewhere warm 
when I get out and I'd want to be flying in bright sunlight to help heat the 

Hey, I'm new to the south.  Surely it doesn't stay cold here for very long.  
When I was young, I used to fly my biplane all winter in Iowa.  The challenge 
then was hand propping a stone cold engine in single digit or colder temps.  
I'm not so young and hardy anymore.  :o)

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

Subject: Re: KR> Breakfast or Lunch Meet up
Oh but the stories we would have to tell. Count me in..... Jeff, How cold is to 
cold for a Continental ?

Mike Sylvester
kr2s builder

Cell no.205-966-3854


Subject: Re: KR> Breakfast or Lunch Meet up

I'm with Mark on the "it's too cold to fly cross country". I checked
and the high here is forecast 17F to 20F all weekend. I might get in a
local flight but I too would hate to be down in the woods somewhere.

Larry Flesner

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