Just contemplating engine choices. An O-200 I believe requires quite a
large prop diameter. Are there three (or four) blade options that
would reduce this while maintaining the general efficiency of a long
two blade?

You can make the prop shorter or the gear legs longer.  I'd suggest longer legs if building a 2s.  28 inch legs rather than the standard 24 inch Diehl legs should work.  Marty Roberts used a 60" prop on a standard KR but had to be very careful of a prop strike.  Jeff Scott and I are running 30 inch legs (mine cut to 29") but we have stretched fuselages, mine is 24"s longer than standard KR.  I have at least 9"s of prop clearance with a 60" prop.   I'm thinking Mike Sylvester has long prop with shorter legs.

The fix for Yahoo mail I posted earlier apparently does not work.  I found the above e-mail in my spam folder.  I will no longer capitalize yahoo and only spell it with 4 letters.  Your guess.........

Larry Flesner

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