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Subject: KR> O-200 prop options
Just contemplating engine choices. An O-200 I believe requires quite a
large prop diameter. Are there three (or four) blade options that
would reduce this while maintaining the general efficiency of a long
two blade?

A longer prop will pull better to shorten your take off roll, and may climb a 
bit better, but a longer prop isn't going to cruise any faster.  I've used both 
60" and 62" diameter props on the O-200 on my KR.  The difference was really 
noticeable with my take off roll, but otherwise didn't make a lot of 
difference.  As many will tell you, a KR with an O-200 will take off shorter 
than it can land, so the difference may not be terribly important to you.

When I talked to a prop maker about building me a 3 blade prop, he said he 
could, but it would cost twice as much and that anything less than 150 HP was a 
waste of money as two blades would take all the HP I could put out from an 
O-200.  He made it clear that in his opinion and experience as a prop maker, 
using a 3 blade prop might score you points for the coolness factor, but 
wouldn't really enhance the performance of a smaller engine.

-Jeff Scott
Los Alamos, NM

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