Hey KR folks,

As I have been recovering from foot injuries for more then 5 years and
getting in a place to get my KR back to flight status, I have been
reviewing things like throttle cable securing screw, the choke securing
screws and a few other items that dont have a simple ability to secure with
aircraft safety wire.

I have the typical Zenith updraft 12992  Carb on a Great Plains 2180 VW
conversion. I am also curious about fuel line and securing it as I am going
through my entire fuel system since my plane has been idle for a few years.
After finding contamination in my gascolator and ugly deterioration in my
fuel line from the gascolator to the carb, I also decided to go through my
carb and rebuild it. After taking the fuel bowl off, I found that the
gascoator filter kept anything from contaminating the carb, since I pulled
the bowl off and needed new gaskets, it made sense to rebuild it anyway.

This brings me to my question of fuel line and what type everyone is using.
I had this blue line I think I got from aircraft spruce and it was in
terrible shape. In fact, it crumbled when I touched it.

So, is everyone just using lock tite on the throttle cable securing screws
? Are you using any specific fuel line ? Are you using any specific type or
style of fuel line hose clamps ?

I apologize if my questions seem very newbie but, after seeing the
contamination and fuel line condition, it has made me think about how I
probably didn't do it exactly right the first time and how I should do it
better. Especially considering how important fuel is to flight.

I have been perusing photos on the KRnet but have not run across anything
with good enough details. Sorry again if this seems elementary but, fuel
starvation, fuel leaking or fuel contamination is the last thing any of us
need and our aircraft.

Jeff York
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