Good to hear you're getting back in to flying shape.  See you at the Gathering?

I can't help with the carb cable safety as I run a Marvel-Schebler on the 0-200.  As for fuel lines I use 3/8" aluminum from tank to gascolator and flex hose from there to the carb.  Many types of plastic(?)/ rubber/ flexable line are used in experimentals but aluminum would be the most durable, in my opinion, and is used in "certified-factory built aircraft".  Basically, any hold down that secures the line from movement or vibration and does not itself chafe or damage the line is satisfactory.  It's not rocket science. I used mostly rubber padded "Adel" clamps where possible.  Some plastic clamps go brittle with age.  Do not route electrical lines along or tied to fuel lines.  Some builders use a short section of hose with clamps for line connections but I used flair fittings throughout.  Consider the "failure mode" at each point and do your best to eliminate it.  Go with best practice where possible. I've not had to touch my fuel system in 14 years and 680 hours so I must have done something right.

Larry Flesner

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