On 7/29/2021 2:15 PM, Kevin Stolhammer wrote:
  I'm fishing for the measured dimensions for the Diehl and/or
grumman legs and lower axle attach bracket.


I thought I had a cardboard cutout templet of the gear leg but can't locate it at the moment.  I recall seeing it 15 to 20 years ago so maybe it will appear with more looking. Someone on the net will have that for you

As for the lower bracket, that will be very simple.  Dan Diehl originally sold a cast aluminum lower gear bracket but I wasn't convinced it was up to the task.  I made my own using 4130 steel and shortly after that he did a recall and issued new steel brackets nearly identical to what I had made.  The date on the photo says that was 30 years ago.  WOW !!!!!


I used a 1/4" thick piece of 4130 that measured 2"X6".  I cut across the exact center (3" mark") approx 3/4 of the way through the metal.  I made the cut deep enough to bend the metal to a 45 degree angle but left enough metal to hold the shape and angle of the bracket.  I took the two brackets to a welder and had the cut welded shut and a gusset added to the inside.  A slight rounding of the corners and dressing of the welds and they were ready to mount.  I drilled and mounted the axles first then drilled the four mounting holes for the leg.  When you are ready to mount to the leg, level the aircraft and drill "ONE" of the mounting holes in the leg , insert the bolt and snug to hold the alignment your are about to perform.  Now using whatever method you want align the axle for the toe-in or toe-out you want (I highly recommend zero / zero).  Drill the last three bolt holes and finish the mounting of the bracket.

Dan's bracket differed from my slightly in that he used a 2 1/2" wide bracket with a rounded bottom.  Very slight changes but probably were improvements.  With the exception of those slight changes they were identical. If you feel your bird is really over weight you could add a degree or two of camber to the 45 degree bend before welding.  My worked well at 45 degrees with a 760 pound empty KR.

This is not rocket science.  Get the metal, get your hacksaw and get started.

Larry Flesner

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