On 8/24/2021 5:14 PM, Ryan wrote:
  what kind of trim control does a KR have? Some KR
folks have installed various trim devices and even auto-pilots with some
success, so not sure where this discussion should go.

Mark W


I don't recall anyone addressing your question.  These are the types of things learned at a KR Gathering with a chance to actually look at options live and in person.  Every builder should attend.

I'm using the "Ray Allen" servo or whatever it is called now.  I started with a cable system to a tab on the elevator but didn't like amount of free play in the tab.  I bit the bullet and ordered the "Ray Allen" unit and installed it in the elevator with a very short push rod.  I ran the wires to the instrument panel for the rocker switch.  The indicator burned out in a very short time but I never repaired it as I don't look at or reference it anyway.  My switch is actually mounted below the panel on the sidewall out of site.

Others use bungees or springs attached to the control system with some means of changing the tension on the stick.  Photos can be seen at





If you look at the center left, past the throttle and below what I once used for a GPS before switching to IFLY and a 10 inch tablet you can see my trim switch and indicator.  Now you know why I never bothered to fix the indicator, I can't see it.  That is never a problem.

Larry Flesner
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