Joseph Young <graceadlerdesi...@outlook.com> wrote:
> Just wondering if any of you have contemplated using weaving techniques
> inside our bobbin lace! Obviously it would add complications, but I am
> sure it can be done.

I thought about that since I saw a scarf made by a member of the dutch design 
group “Kanteon” recently.
She had woven the main part in a style resembling bobbin lace and made bobbin 
lace with the warp ends.

It looked lovely, but she said the very open weave she chose to resemble bobbin 
lace making is too open, the threads shift within the fabric, especially since 
she chose a fine, very slick thread. On my remark about making the whole scarf 
with bobbins so you can add twists in alle dimensions, she rightly replied it 
would take too long and would be rather boring. I stored this in the back of my 
brain as a sort of challenge to be faced once I thought some more about it. ;-)

Anyway: Woven fabric usually is much more dense, especially the more intricate 
patterns. If you wanted to transfer that look to bobbin lace you would have to 
change the grid, which, in turn, would affect patterning in the more open lace 
part. There might be really interesting effects. 

I’d be pleased to be updated on your experiments, 


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